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Make your implant system the first choice for dentists who place implants!

Provide your customer with a total implant solution  

Why you need to add surgical guide to your services? 

Dentists need your service not your product:

According to a survey made by Voxel in 2016, 68% of dentists choices for implant brands are based on the service provided not the implant itself! Quality and integration of services provided by the implant system supplier was the first factor that leads dentist to use this system or another. Coming after that, the brand name, country of origin, and product features. According to the survey, providing total implantology solution by implant system supplier is crucial for being on the top of the list in dentist mind. Dentist nowadays prefer one destination shopping. In implantology for example, he/she prefer the supplier who gives implants, kits, training, and other custom devices.

Great demand for computer guided implantology:

ascending numbers of dentists who place implants and the great demand for implants nowadays, create many and many implant cases that considered a challenge for dentists. Number of dentists that require surgical guide for placing implants are increasing day by day. Computer guided implant placement is becoming popular and a daily dental practice.

Provide your customer with digital implant treatment planning facility:

Even if your customer does not need surgical guide for a procedure, he/she can make use of digital implant treatment plan service that you will provide through voxel. Take a look on this interesting service from here.


Why Voxel is the best solution for implant providers? 

  • Voxel do it all: You do not need to do anything yourself. By outsourcing surgical guide fabrication to Voxel, you will grantee high quality products. Moreover, you will get rid of surgical guide designing and fabrication hustle. Simply, you will get all benefits of providing surgical guide effortlessly

  • Zero investment: No special equipment or software are needed. No need also for hiring any employees. You can provides digital implantology service to your client today with no investment at all.

  • Flexibility of partnership options: You can choose the option that suits your company more. There are three options (mediator, supervisor, and provider) However, all options ensure your complete control over your customer’s accounts and service purchasing process.

  • Compatibility with all implant systems: Our designing software is compatible with all known implant system. Only provide us with your implant system digital catalog and we will guide you through the process of guided surgery.  

  • Click & receive: By few clicks, you can get surgical guide delivered to you. You or your customer can order the service, upload patient files and then receive the shipped surgical guide. This easy to use online lab facility ensures fast, interactive, and joyful new digital lab teamwork experience.

  • Standardized quality: All services delivered by Voxel is subjected to restrict quality assurance protocol and standardized production process to ensure that all services is delivered in the best form. Our professional experts take care of every detail. all services are reviewed by Voxel central production center. You or your customer also should approve on the design before guide is fabricated and delivered in its final format.

  • Interactive communication: A wizard for every service will help you and your customer communicate your requests and notes regarding the case to the specialist who will handle it. An interactive chat will ensure high level of communication. You will receive notifications on email updating you with order progress, and you will be able also to get in touch with our specialist via phone.

  • Low cost: Our services pricing is very competitive to your local labs and digital services providers. As implant provider you can benefit from partners discounts.  



Digital implantology services that Voxel provides:

  • Surgical guide: 

This computed custom-made device carries all implant placement plan information to the oral cavity and makes sure that implants are placed exactly in the same position, length, diameter and angulation.

This service includes 3D implant treatment plan which is the base on which DDS-Pro software designs a drilling guide. This design is then 3D printed and delivered to you for use by your customer in patient mouth for implant insertion. Guide Package Includes: 3D implant treatment planning - 3D surgical guide design - 3D printing for surgical guide.

know more about surgical guide 

  • 3D digital Implant treatment planning : 

Simulating implant placement procedure on computer first will result in more confident and accurate procedure. Our specialized team uses state of art software to design a digital treatment planning for your customer in 3D with implant verification and prosthetic simulation. This treatment plan can be used after that for surgical guide designing if required.

Know more about 3D implant treatment plan

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